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The network has developed resources to guide purchasing, research, and advocacy. For any of these resources, please contact us. 

Messaging and Communications Guide and Trainings

How to encourage people to take action for materials that are safer for us and our families

Chemicals, Cancer and the Economy Training Curriculum

What people need to know about chemicals, cancer, and the economic incentives that encourage business leaders to use chemicals that can cause cancer, and what people can do to reduce exposures and advocate for change

Purchasing and Procurement Guides

Guides about safe disposable food ware


Experts in different subjects available for interviews and to help craft relevant messages with different constituencies

Infographics and Presentations

Documents about the harms caused by fluorinated chemicals

Scientific Fact Sheets

Fact sheets and annotated bibliography on the environmental and occupational contributors to bladder cancer,  and the harms caused a number of chemicals.

Systems Map

A comprehensive picture of the current system that informs  strategies to reduce the incentives that encourage people and their companies to use chemicals that are making people sick, and strategies that incentivize investing in safer and healthier materials.


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