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ICYMI, watch the Pesticides and Agroecology webinar, which focused on the agroecology, land stewardship, and environmental justice work that BIPOC farmers and worker-owned cooperatives are doing to address pesticides, prevent cancer, and transform our food system.

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Who We Are
CFE is a dynamic network of diverse teams, experts and stakeholders from the environmental, social justice, health, science, policy, legal, labor, grassroots, business and communications sectors working together to prevent cancer and accelerate progress towards a healthy, regenerative and equitable economy for all.

The Science

Rates of many cancers, including childhood cancers, are on the rise. It is estimated that one in three people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. Learn more…

Our Members

Our members comprise over 70 nonprofit and community-based organizations, networks, businesses and individuals, including experts and stakeholders. Collectively, we work together to “shift the system” that keeps us stuck and sick. Join us…


CFE and our members have developed resources to support individuals, communities, workers, researchers, organizations, and businesses to help drive an equitable transition from toxic substances to safer materials and products. Find Resources…


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