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Learn About CFE Membership


Interested in becoming a member of CFE or just finding out more? 

Below we answer some of the top questions asked by prospective members. If you still have questions, or you’d like additional information about joining, contact us.

Membership FAQs

Our network is made up of a diverse, multi-sector group of organizations, universities and individuals. We include community-based and grassroots organizations, national leaders in the environment and health fields, legal and policy experts, labor organizations, green business leaders and more. See our full membership list here.

We know that all people in the U.S. today are exposed in some way to toxic chemicals put into the air, water, food and products we use. However, through both science and lived experience from frontline communities, we also know that people living in certain communities and working in certain industries are more impacted by toxic chemicals than others. We believe that any solution to our toxic chemicals crisis must begin with these communities and be driven by their leadership. We must join together to prevent cancer and protect all communities from the unnecessary burden of harmful chemicals, starting with those most impacted. As a network, we have committed to these Equity Principles. Find out more about how we’re putting these principles into action here.

As of January 2023, we have adopted membership fees based on members’ budget size.

Organizational Dues*

  • $250 – operating budget size < $1 million (Full and Ally members)
  • $500 – operating budget size < $3 million ( Full and Ally members) Ally member Max
  • $1000 – operating budget size > $3 million Full member Max 

Pay what you can 

  • Individual members – $50 suggested minimum
  • Student memberships – $25 suggested dues (Student members are encouraged to inquire about whether their institution or program of study might become a network member.) 

*Fee waivers will be available upon request 

Waivers are available if these fees represent a hardship. Our members recognize that the value-add of membership greatly exceeds this small payment, and in fact many members receive grants and other funding from the network. For example, CFE’s Building Power & Action Fund supports the ability of POC-led and Community-based organizations and leaders to provide leadership and guidance to network efforts. 

Most CFE members are non-profit organizations and universities. We will also consider membership applications from B-Corps. While other businesses and government entities are not typically eligible for membership, individuals who work with businesses and government entities committed to our network values are invited to participate. Individual membership may also be appropriate for people whose organization is unsure about whether to join the network and to those who work independently on related issues. 

All member organizations start as Ally members, with a lower level of responsibility, as they get to know the network. After three months, Ally members may become Full members of the network. Full members agree to participate actively in at least one working group or Network project. For more information, view our Membership Guidelines.

What’s the greatest benefit of CFE membership? The first thing that comes to mind for most members is the chance to work with and learn from experts and stakeholders across the country working in a variety of sectors. But there are many more benefits of CFE membership. For more information, view our 2023 Membership Benefits.

CFE does expect members to help with fundraising for the Network in various ways as appropriate and at capacities that work for each organization or individual. Learn more about our fundraising principles here.

If you or your organization is interested in CFE membership, you can start the process by submitting our membership application. If you’re not sure if membership is right for you, get in touch through our Contact Us form. Either way, a CFE staff member will be in touch to schedule a conversation about your interests, ways that your work aligns with CFE’s and opportunities for collaboration. Following that conversation, we’ll ask you to fill out the membership application if you haven’t already, and we’ll ask a current CFE member to provide a letter of recommendation. Those materials will be shared with CFE’s Network Council, which will vote on whether to approve the application.
Ready to Join?

What’s the greatest value of CFE membership? 

Here’s what our members have said:

  1. A chance to work with and learn from experts and stakeholders across the country working in a variety of sectors.
  2. The ability to access resources such as presentations and fact sheets, and to get help with technical health and sciences questions from network experts.
  3. CFE’s Building Power & Action Fund supports participation from individuals and organizations whose constituencies are the most impacted by harmful chemicals.
  4. CFE’s Emerging Leaders Cohort enables emerging leaders from BIPOC communities and BIPOC-led organizations to develop leadership skills through workshops, mentorship, and direct project leadership experience.
  5. The camaraderie and friendship. During times of isolation, the Network has been a safe haven for many.
See some examples of what we have achieved together here.

We're excited to hear from you

Membership not the right option for you? 

Here are some ways you can still support CFE:

  1. Donate to support the work of cancer prevention.
  2. Encourage your employer to sponsor our work.
  3. Sign up for our Advocacy Action list.
  4. Join our annual #MOVE4CancerPrevention moveathon during National Minority Cancer Awareness Week in April and check out Network activities and communications during National Cancer Prevention Month in February.
  5. Get involved with the Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative by donating and signing up for the initiative’s newsletter.


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