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CFE’s Agenda for the Biden-Harris Administration

In his first address to a joint session of Congress on April 28, 2021, President Biden declared that it’s “within our power” to “end cancer as we know it,” and that the NIH should create an Advanced Research Agency for Health that would develop breakthroughs to ‘prevent, detect and treat diseases like…cancer.’

We couldn’t agree more. Let’s end cancer as we know it, and let’s save more families from the physical, emotional and financial pain that comes with a cancer diagnosis by making a massive commitment to PREVENTION. Largescale cancer prevention means making deep systems shifts to get rid of the toxic chemicals and pollutants making so many sick. 

President Biden and Vice President Harris have an opportunity to build back better an economy dedicated to protecting everyone’s health, while addressing racial injustices and building fair and equitable opportunities, and CFE has provided them with an effective roadmap to do it! 

A Path to Cancer Prevention and Environmental Equity: The Cancer Free Economy Network’s Agenda for the Biden-Harris Administration lays out the steps necessary to begin to repair the damage done by the previous administration and sets a course for environmental health and equity.

“There is a great need to fix the damage done to public health and environmental protections during the previous administration. But there is an even greater need to go beyond repairs and build a regulatory structure that frees all people from the burden of toxic exposures that increase cancer risks.”

— Kathryn Alcantar, Co-Lead of CFE’s Policy and Legal group; Policy Director at the Center for Environmental Health.

Take Action to Prevent Cancer

Rise Up for Cancer Prevention
  1. Contact your elected officials and tell them you support the plan laid out in A Path to Cancer Prevention and Environmental Equity: The Cancer Free Economy Network’s Agenda for the Biden-Harris Administration, then Sign on to CFE’s Statement of Solidarity with Frontline Communities.
  2. Take action on health disparities! Sign up for CFE’s Advocacy Action list to receive periodic emails with opportunities to take action and visit our Healthy Future page.
  3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and share our videos on social media.
  4. Support our efforts to prevent childhood cancer by downloading the Childhood Cancer: Cross-Sector Strategies for Prevention report and signing the public statement of support here.
  5. View and share the documentary film Unacceptable Risk on notable cancer researcher, and renowned cancer prevention advocate, Dr. Margaret Kripke.
  6. Help us continue this work by making a contribution today.
“The same generations of systemic discriminations that have resulted in Black and Brown communities disproportionately suffering from the pandemic are also driving the stark racial inequities in several types of cancer.”

— Nsedu Obot Witherspoon, CFE Health & Science Co-Lead; Executive Director, Children’s Environmental Health Network

If you believe that we can do more to prevent cancer by
replacing harmful chemicals

we invite you to join us.


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