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National Cancer Prevention Month

February is National Cancer Prevention Month (NCPM), a time to focus on what we can do — as a society, in our communities, and as individuals — to take action and prevent cancer.

Leading scientists, researchers, and health professionals have sounded the alarm that toxic chemicals in our air, food, water, built environments and the products we use every day are increasingly causing cancer.

We are at a pivotal crossroads: we can and must do more to prevent cancer.


#MOVE4CancerPrevention is a healthy and fun action-building event for the whole family to enjoy and every community to join.
This annual event takes place during National Cancer Prevention Month in February.

It is a first-of-its-kind movement event encouraging everyone to take action to prevent cancer by removing cancer-causing chemicals from the places we live, learn, work and play.

Take CFE’s #444Challenge and sign up to #MOVE4CancerPrevention

Five Ways to Get Involved in NCPM

MOVE4CancerPrevention LI
  1. Join the #MOVE4CancerPrevention event and take the 444 Challenge: help us raise $40,000 in 4 weeks by moving 400 miles. 

  2. Educate your friends and family by sharing information on your social media channels. 

  3. Check out and attend some of the fun and educational events happening during National Cancer Prevention Month.

  4. Donate to support Cancer Free Economy Network’s mission to create a healthier future for ourselves, our loved ones, and for future generations. 

  5. Sign up for CFE’s Advocacy Action list and receive occasional emails with opportunities to take action. 

If you believe that we can do more to prevent cancer by
replacing harmful chemicals,

we invite you to join us


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